Monday, 4 July 2016

Less Hoarding, More Reading

So yesterday I was doing a marathon of the Lord of the Rings series with my husband. Now whenever we watch Lord of the rings, our energy levels are through the roof. We watch it, we analyze it, heck, give us a pen and paper and we will write you ten page essays on the nuances contained with the series. 

One of the themes we often discuss by the time we get to the third movie, is greed. How humans are rot with it, and how it never stops. While we were discussing this, I took a sly glance towards the many books that line our entire living room and got to wondering. Was my book hoarding a manifestation of the greed embodied by Golem and so many of the others in the series? Were books essentially my one big ‘precious?’

Don’t get me wrong, I personally believe that there can possibly be no better way to spend your money except for on books. But for a person like me, who is a slow reader and barely gets time to read, how many books are too many books? At this point, after doing an exhaustive count, I have concluded 400 for now. 

So today after placing my final large order on Barnes and Noble for five books, I have decided to do something. I am aiming for a Project Zero of sorts. Well not really zero at all. Just an attempt to tame my inner greed for books and more books. If for no other reason than to not end up like Golem (And trust me, I have had nights where the thought of going to bookshops has kept me up at nights). 

For the whole month of July, I shall be reading more and buying less. I am going to go cold turkey and not buy anything for the month of July. Just to know that my precious-es have not taken over me and I won’t start eating raw fish anytime soon. 

Check back in a month to make sure I have not bitten off any fingers in the process. 

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