Saturday, 30 August 2014

10 book list challenge.

I was nominated for this book challenge by one my best friends.

So I have to list ten books that have stayed with me in some way, they do not have to be works of literature, but just books that have stayed with me. I am going to add little descriptions along with all of them, because if there is something I completely adore doing is, talking about books. :D

1) Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.
Aah, sometimes I feel I do not talk enough about this book. This book was so much pure awesomeness, a little biased, but still so wonderful. After I finished reading the book, I immediately watched the movie, which I do not usually do, but I just wasn't ready to say goodbye to all the characters! This was downright the best book about war, that I have ever read. Clark Gable, swoon!

2) To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee. 
Do I need to say more about this already said book? I remember reading this book in grade 7 and trying to hide it because its back preview had the word 'rape' in it, but this book made me realize that you are never too young to know about the realities of life because you never know when you might be faced with them. Totally not what the moral of the book was, but regardless.

3) Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. 
The fact that I have read this book seven times should in itself be a witness to how much I adore this book. I remember never going on long trips without this book, and another book just for the heck of it. This book was my proper introduction into the genre of classic literature, of how the classic stories usually unravel; slowly and beautifully. Also, the Keira Knightley version of the movie was love!
4) Harry Potter series by You Know Who.
Until now I have not read a single book list which did not include this book as one of the ten books that have stayed with them. And can you blame them? We owe our childhood to the harry potter series, not a child did not know his name! I shall love and adore this series, forever and always. (Taylor Swift reference, what what.)
Only if J.K.Rowling would let us go and stop trying to get the spotlight back. Not cool, JK, not cool.

5)Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. 
This book just stayed, it did. It painted a picture of someone I wanted to become. May I shamelessly add, check out the full detailed review of this book on my blog.

6) Of mice and men by John Steinbeck.
I first heard of John Steinbeck East of Eden when I was really young, and never got around to reading the book, mainly because the language looked too how shall I put it, probable to fly over my head. So I thought maybe I would start with something smaller, and I did, with this book. This was a short book, about survival, about life, and making hard choices.

7) The third summer of the sisterhood of the traveling pants by Ann Brashares.
Why did I just skip to the third? Because I actually started with the third. Again, I was really young when I read this, but this was a book about friendship and there are only a few things more precious to me more than friendship.

8) The fault in our stars by John Green.
Go on, roll your eyes all of you. I liked this book, it is no work of literature,it is  no classic, but I liked it. The story was not cliched, death is a reality and sickness is a reality, and having to leave your loved ones before you want to, that is a reality too, so take out the stick in all your wrong places and appreciate a good story when you read one. (This is for those people who think like John Green is too mainstream, there is nothing wrong with not genuinely liking the book)

9)Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind. 
This up till now is the best fantasy book I have read till now. What got me to read this book was watching the series, which is again, another first. But, I remember running all over bookstores to find this book, and Oh! the glorious moment when I did find this book. This was a perfect balance between gore and the magic needed to make up a fantasy book.

10) Charlie and the chocolate factory by Roald Dahl.
I owe Roald Dahl, alot. Charlie and the chocolate factory was my introduction into the world of books, the magic they held and all the places they could take you. Thank you, Mr.Dahl, for writing treasures like this one and Matilda.

I challenge all of you, to write down the ten books that have stayed with you in the comments section.

Happy Reading, everyone! :)

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

One Empire, five generations, will they be able to master the game?

Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon.

Genre: Suspense/Thriller.
Goodreads Rating: 4.07/5.
My rating: 4/5.
Character Development: 5/5.
Plot: 5/5.
Setting: South Africa and United States.
Verdict: Read it. Most definitely. If you like; romance, suspense, mystery, either of these three or all three, read it!

Whenever the name of the author Sidney Sheldon comes to my mind, two things always come to my mind; First, 'WHAT? He is a guy?' And second, 'OOH! Smut!'
If you are one those people who think the second thing too, then don't anymore, well, in regard to this novel anyway.

This novel revolves around a lot of things; The Diamond Craze in South Africa, the World Wars, the building of an empire, relations and manipulations, legacy and most of all, hunger for power.
The novel time frame spans around five generations which started with their ancestors risking it all for wealth, and diamonds.

If I reveal more of what happens, I will reveal a lot more than any of you would like to know, but I will try my best to keep it all to a minimum. Who ends up with who? What happens to the bad guy? Who IS the bad guy anyway? So many questions will go through your head while reading this, and you will want to stay up and answer each and everyone of them.

It starts off with Jamie McGregor, who leaves his home in Scotland for South Africa to mine for diamonds. Once he is there he goes through betrayal, desperation and finally what he wanted the most; victory.
Continuing his legacy is his daughter, Kate who is faced with the brink of the responsibility of the empire established by her father and takes it to new levels of success.
Following her is her son, Tony, who unlike the rest of his family does not thirst for power, but wants to follow his passion. Driven to madness by his own mother for pursuing something other than the Kruger Brent Ltd. (Which is the name of the empire) he is followed by his twin daughters, Eve and Alexandra.

This novel made me a fan of Sidney Sheldon, if you have never read any of his work, I suggest you start with this novel. This is unlike any other of his works, not that I am familiar with many of his works, but from what I am familiar with.

Have you read Master of the Game? If you have, let me know in the comments section what you thought of it or email me at and if you mention something I haven't already mentioned then I will add it to the review and give credit where credit is due.