Tuesday, 30 September 2014

'When falsehood can look so much like the truth, who can assure themselves of happiness?'

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

Genre: Gothic/ Horror/ Science fiction of sorts.
Good reads rating: 3.71/5.
My rating: 5/5.
Character Development: 4.5/5.
Plot: 5/5.
Setting: Switzerland, Germany, UK, Ireland. 
Verdict: You have NOT read it yet? What are you waiting for? Read it, right now! 

May I just begin by saying how much I loved this book? I had premonitions about this book, thinking it would be too depressing or not my taste, but was I wrong or what! It was a beautifully written book, it made me want to just shut the book every time I finished a page, and linger on what she had just written.

The story is about a scientist, who is named Victor Frankenstein, whose unchecked ambition for fame and success lead him to conduct an experiment which he regrets for the rest of his life. 

Well, that is what the plot is, but this book, this book is so much more than that. It is about the monstrosity of man, of how people when faced with someone/something that is different become inhumane, out for the kill, and it incites a very important realization and question as to whether all of us are really monsters?
This book was about the human hypocrisy. When we as people are threatened by misery, ill-health, hunger and greed, we resort to whatever measures necessary to do what we must, but when someone else, even of our own species does it, we label them as monsters?

This book is about loneliness, about the misery that being alone can inflict. Frankenstein will make you feel all sorts of emotions that you could not perceive.

At the end this book raised a lot of questions for me. What makes one a monster? Where does the line between good and bad fade when there is no line in the first place? What does it truly mean to be lonely?

Oh, this book made me sigh and cry inside. Being beautifully written, at a wonderful pace, and surprisingly easy to comprehend, this book being one of the masterpieces of classic literature, is a must read.

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